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Service Food and  accommodation     1、Rooms: Located near the main gate area, Summer Holiday Paradise  Resort is divided into area A and B, providing 194 beds of different rates,  which are constructed of granite and with complete facilities, making a simple  and quiet environment. It is a heaven of peace and happiness with luxuriant  flowers and delicious fruits in the Chinese style room yard.  


   Summer Holiday Paradise Resort     


  2、Food: Covering a total area of 2000 square meters, the two-storey  Datangwu Restaurant is  unique and capacious with the new decorations. It can provide 700 people  altogether with healthy food, which takes authentic wild vegetables and  home-grown green agricultural products as specialties.   


Datangwu Restaurant 



  Tea Bar 

  Barbecue  hall     


  3、Entertainment and conference: Summer Holiday Paradise Resort  has six big and small meeting rooms and one 400-square-meter multi-functional  hall, which can hold 200 people for meeting, training, gala performances and  other activities. It also provides places for visitors to have outdoor barbecue  and bonfire party.


Meeting  room   


  Multi-functional hall

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